Persian Handmade Carpets (Rugs)

 A Legacy of Art and Culture

Persian handmade Carpets (Rugs), encompassing carpets and Rugs , are a symbol of Iran’s rich art and culture, with a history spanning millennia. These Carpets (Rugs) are renowned worldwide not only for their beauty and superior quality but also for their historical and cultural significance. Persian handmade Carpets (Rugs) are woven in a wide variety, each with its unique characteristics and designs.

Designs and Patterns of Persian Handmade Carpets (Rugs)

Designs of Persian Carpets (Rugs) often draw inspiration from nature and cultural heritage. Traditional patterns such as boteh (paisley), Shah Abbasi, and eslimi, symbolizing Iran’s nature and history, are commonly employed in these Carpets (Rugs). Each region of Iran has its distinct designs, distinguishing the weavings of that region.

Quality and Materials Used

The quality of a Persian handmade rug hinges on the raw materials used in its creation. Wool, silk, and cotton are among the primary materials employed in weaving Persian Carpets (Rugs). Silk Carpets (Rugs) are celebrated for their unparalleled brilliance and softness and are often regarded as luxury and high-value items.

Types of Persian Handmade Carpets (Rugs)

Persian handmade Carpets (Rugs) are categorized in various ways, which you can explore and select in the shop’s filter options.

Economic Value of Handmade Carpets (Rugs)

Persian handmade Carpets (Rugs) are not merely works of art but also hold economic value. These Carpets (Rugs) are among Iran’s export commodities and play a significant role in the country’s employment.

Care and Maintenance of Handmade Carpets (Rugs)

Proper care is essential to preserve the beauty and durability of Persian handmade Carpets (Rugs). Regular cleaning and preventing direct exposure to sunlight are among the crucial care practices.


Persian handmade Carpets (Rugs), with their exquisite designs and superior quality, are not just luxury items but also emblems of Iran’s art and culture. These Carpets (Rugs) play a vital role in introducing Iranian culture to the world and are recognized as one of the country’s treasured heritages.

Additional Points:

  • Persian handmade Carpets (Rugs) are often hand-knotted, a labor-intensive process that contributes to their high quality and value.
  • The intricate designs and vibrant colors of Persian Carpets (Rugs) reflect the artistry and craftsmanship of Iranian weavers.
  • These Carpets (Rugs) have been used for centuries in homes, mosques, and other places of significance, adding warmth, beauty, and cultural richness to these spaces.
  • Owning a Persian handmade rug is an investment in both a piece of art and a piece of history.

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