CarpetMVM Privacy Policy

Emphasizing the respect it has for users’ privacy, CarpetMVM requests information from users to purchase, advertise, post comments or use other website features in order to provide safe and reliable services to users.

The privacy policy is about how users’ personal information is used to provide services on the CarpetMVM website. The privacy policy may be updated or changed. All edited items will be implemented automatically as soon as they are posted on the website, and users agree and agree to read and implement these policies in advance.

By accepting the privacy policy and the rules and regulations of this website and registering as a user, you clearly consent to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information under certain conditions and in accordance with the privacy policy. Described person, you declare.

What information does CarpetMVM collect from users?

To use CarpetMVM, it is necessary to enter the following information:

first name and last name
phone number

The email and mobile number that the user registers in his profile is the official and approved information of the user, and all correspondence and replies of CarpetMVM are made through this mobile number or email. Therefore, registering this information by the user means confirming their accuracy. If the above items are not registered correctly or completely, CarpetMVM can request additional and more information from the user to ensure the correctness of the advertisement registration.

Note that currently all CarpetMVM correspondence is done in the following two ways:

1- Email to: [email protected]

2- Telegram messenger to ID: @pcrmvm

Therefore, sending any message under the name of CarpetMVM by any other method is a violation and abuse of the name of CarpetMVM, and CarpetMVM is not responsible for it. If you receive such messages under the name of CarpetMVM, please report this issue to [email protected] for follow-up.

Products and advertisements registered in CarpetMVM include products and links belonging to third parties (both sellers and advertisers) and by this document you agree that your information, including identity information, work address and contact number and email, will be displayed to other users of CarpetMVM. to be given. In addition, CarpetMVM shall have no liability for the following:

Information users share with third parties.
Goods or services advertised through the CarpetMVM website by third parties.
Lists and themes provided by third parties.

This point is also true for the content of third parties that you see on the site or social networks and the offers they have regarding the use of their products and services. CarpetMVM includes products and advertisements of third parties on this website only to the extent permitted by law.
CarpetMVM may reject or edit ads submitted by users in line with the website’s rules. Also, if the ad posted by the user is subject to examples of criminal content, CarpetMVM can use the registered information for legal prosecution. Users, while using CarpetMVM services, grant CarpetMVM the right to edit information and use them within the mentioned framework and deny themselves the right to object.

It should be emphasized that the maintenance of the password and username is the responsibility of the user, and therefore, to prevent any possible misuse, the user should not disclose this information to another person. If the user transfers his mobile number or email to another person, in order to prevent misuse or possible problems, users should change the changed item in their profile and register a new item.

The user is responsible for any possible damage caused by the user’s failure to comply with the mentioned items, and the user waives the right to make any claims against CarpetMVM. CarpetMVM considers the personal identity of users as confidential and does not transfer their personal information to any other person or organization unless it is obliged to provide the information to the competent authorities by the order of the competent judicial or administrative authority or according to the current laws and regulations or the use of the information for It is necessary to file a lawsuit, defend and respond to claims brought against CarpetMVM and any related judicial or administrative action in order to defend the rights and property of CarpetMVM or users. In these cases, there is no legal responsibility for compensation for CarpetMVM, and by expressing their consent to use CarpetMVM services, users have also waived the right to protest.
It also hereby informs users that CarpetMVM, like other websites, uses IP collection and cookies, A cookie is a file that is created by the browser at the request of a site and allows the site to save your visits and customize them.

but CarpetMVM’s protocol, server and security layers and proper data management methods make maximum efforts to protect users’ information and prevent illegal access. Naturally, the responsibility of any abuse is related to the offending person or persons, and CarpetMVM reserves the right to object and pursue legal action at its discretion.

CarpetMVM makes every effort to protect and maintain users’ information and privacy and hopes to provide a safe, comfortable and pleasant experience for all users.

If you have any questions, please contact the following contact information:

1- Email to: [email protected]

2- Telegram messenger to ID: @pcrmvm