User definition: All people who act as sellers or buyers or third parties on the website or social networks related to CARPETMVM.

Definition of the CARPETMVM platform: It includes the main website at and all related social networks, which are sometimes referred to as CARPETMVM.

Dear user, please carefully consider the following items for optimal use of CARPETMVM services and applications.
Users entering the website when using their personal profile, online store, blog, videos and photos included in CARPETMVM and other services provided by CARPETMVM means being aware of and accepting the terms and rules as well as how to use the service. and services of CARPETMVM. Note that placing an order at any time means full acceptance of all terms and conditions of CARPETMVM by the user. It should be noted that the conditions and rules listed are considered to replace all previous agreements. If there are future changes to CARPETMVM rules, procedures and services, they will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site constitutes acceptance of any changes.

All CarpetMVM users must comply with all international trade laws and regulations when using the website services.
By placing an ad on CarpetMVM, all legal responsibilities related to it, including the content, pricing, and checking its accuracy and compliance with laws and violations of third party rights, will be the responsibility of the advertiser. CarpetMVM is responsible for the ads placed by users on the website. , has no responsibility.

CarpetMVM does not have any intervention or participation in transactions between sellers and buyers, and it is not possible to exercise any control over the advertised goods and exchanges between the parties. including in the following cases:

Authenticity, health, quality and standard of goods
Compliance with customs, tax and banking laws and...
The reality or correctness of the contents of advertisements
Bilateral negotiations between the buyer and the seller, the method of payment and the method of transporting the goods
Of course, CarpetMVM does its best to create a satisfactory shopping experience for buyers by carefully choosing reputable and qualified sellers.

The user is responsible for checking and researching the above. CarpetMVM is only a place to register ads and introduce products. In case of violation of the regulations by any user or causing problems in the functioning of the website or harming the rights of others, according to the order of the competent judicial or legal authorities or at its discretion, CarpetMVM can limit or prohibit the use of the service and the user's account or suspend it. Remove or block it.
It is prohibited to post any advertisement that is related to unauthorized and prohibited goods and services, or that is against relevant laws, Islamic standards, or community customs, on this website. All users must first make sure that their activities, exchanges and sales of goods and the way of posting ads are in accordance with the rules. These regulations include national or international laws or CarpetMVM's internal policies, and if the user's activity does not comply with them, CarpetMVM reserves the right to remove or reject the ad or introduce the violator to the legal authorities as requested.

Ad content conditions

The content of the text or image of the ad should not contradict the legal and Shariah standards.
The instrumental use of people's images in the ad is prohibited.
It is prohibited to use an unrelated or unethical image for an ad or to use an image that belongs to another ad on the website or other similar ad posting sites.
The user must include correct, real and original information and images related to the advertised product in the content of the ad.
Non-observance of intellectual property laws, including violation of brand and trademark owner's rights, authors' and inventors' rights in advertisements is prohibited.

Terms of use respecting the rights of third parties

It is prohibited to sell, offer, and post advertisements related to prohibited, counterfeit, smuggled or other goods on this website.
It is prohibited to commit any type of actions that lead to fraud or similar criminal titles.
It is prohibited to carry out any kind of incorrect exchanges or misuse of the services of this website in a way that leads to the filing of a complaint by the affected persons or the collection of fines from the website or any of the users.
Sending unsolicited electronic messages and spam to other users by abusing the services to obtain illegal and illegal financial benefits or causing telephone harassment to the users of this website is prohibited.
It is forbidden to disrupt the functioning of the website and the quality of its services or to commit any of its examples through or on the platform of this website.

Examples of advertisements related to unauthorized or prohibited goods and services

Registration of advertisement of goods or services in an uncertain and ambiguous manner.
Registration of advertisements of goods whose exchange is prohibited according to law or Shariah.
Registering ads for stolen or acquired property in a criminal, illegitimate and illegal manner or goods belonging to others without their consent.
Registration of advertisements of goods whose exchange has special regulations and systems.
Registration of goods belonging to the cultural heritage of the country.
Inserting an ad with images and content against Islamic affairs

Policies related to fraud and harassment

During the transaction, you must verify the identity of the transaction party and make sure that the terms of the contract are safe and correct. CarpetMVM is not responsible for verifying transactions; However, CarpetMVM reserves the right to follow up and take necessary actions in case of violation.

Chat in CarpetMVM is done in two ways:

1- The possibility of direct and private chat between the buyer and the seller, which is currently possible through the WhatsApp platform on the seller's dedicated booth page and the product pages of each seller. In case of a two-way private chat between the buyer and the seller, due to CarpetMVM's lack of knowledge of the quantity and quality of the exchanged materials, it will not be responsible for any material or moral damage to the parties.

2- The possibility of three-way chat with the presence of the buyer and seller and the site supervisor, which is currently on the WhatsApp platform as follows: with the request of the buyer or seller from the site supervisor, the site supervisor creates a three-way chat group so that all correspondence from including technical and financial negotiations and goods transportation under the supervision of the site supervisor.

General rules for using chat:

1) Your correspondence in the chat should be related to the ad and regarding the delivery and receipt of the mentioned goods and services. Using chat for other purposes, including private communication and political and social affairs, is not allowed.
2) Cases such as sending unethical or irrelevant messages and content, using impolite literature, any advertisements, providing goods and services that are against the terms and regulations, sending bulk messages, if reported by users, will be carefully investigated. became. According to the terms and conditions, these actions can lead to the permanent blocking of the offending user's account.
3) You are committed to comply with all the rules and regulations in the chat environment and accept the prohibition of any harassment, insult, obscenity, defamation, publication of lies and other criminal titles. In case of violation of these cases, you are personally responsible and CarpetMVM, in addition to protecting the injured parties, reserves the right to prosecute the matter or demand compensation. In such cases, CarpetMVM will implement the necessary measures (including suspending or permanently blocking the account of the offending parties) at its own discretion. Users who have been harmed by the violation of the above terms and rules agree to pursue the matter only against the offending user and not have any claims against CarpetMVM. Whenever legal and judicial authorities refer to CarpetMVM regarding the above cases, CarpetMVM will provide them with all the necessary information. If costs are imposed on CarpetMVM due to follow-ups by competent authorities, CarpetMVM has the right to refer to the offending user.

1) CarpetMVM site provides space on its website for users to publish their ads. As a result, each user publishes his ad, and the CarpetMVM site has no involvement in the publication, supply, and refinement of ads.
2) By operating on the CarpetMVM site, you agree to the non-responsibility of CarpetMVM for the actions of other users. CarpetMVM will not be responsible for direct and indirect damages caused by users' communication with each other; Even if the damages are foreseeable.
3) All the contents of the ads, including the subject, description, link, etc., are provided by the sellers, so CarpetMVM has no responsibility for guaranteeing the quality, security, price, etc. You must always observe the aspects of caution during your transactions; Because CarpetMVM is not responsible for any fraud or fraudulent behavior of sellers. Publishing an ad on CarpetMVM does not mean accepting responsibility or guaranteeing the price, security, and accuracy of the contents of that ad by CarpetMVM, and the parties to any transaction are responsible for these issues, and there is no right to refer to CarpetMVM.
4) CarpetMVM is not responsible for the completeness or correctness of the information published by the users. The user who publishes the ad is responsible for the correctness of the information. A user who intends to make a transaction or have any relationship with the advertiser must personally verify the content of the ad and act solely on his own responsibility and obtain the necessary information. CarpetMVM is not responsible for any fraud or fraudulent behavior of users; Therefore, there is no right to refer to CarpetMVM for these matters.
5) CarpetMVM does not bear any responsibility for material or moral damages caused by advertisements and negligence of users.
6) Possible problems in the use of payment methods and methods of sending goods are not related to CarpetMVM and CarpetMVM will not be responsible for them.
7) CarpetMVM is not responsible for any business losses (such as: loss of profit, revenue, production, anticipated savings, business, contracts, business opportunities).
8) CarpetMVM is not responsible for possible hacking of the site or its disconnection, temporary or permanent disruption of services due to technical reasons or internet outages, loss of records and information of users, both sellers and buyers, etc. for similar reasons and damages It has no exclusive rights to users arising from the items listed in this article. This umbilical cord is not the reasonable and conventional measures of CarpetMVM to protect the rights of users, and we are trying to fix the defect and provide technical support within the limits of our capabilities and capabilities in case of a technical defect in CarpetMVM.
9) In case of registration of multiple ads with the same or similar content by the user, or if CarpetMVM detects the goods and services of the advertisement as non-existent, CarpetMVM has the right to delete the ad.

Sellers' specific rights and responsibilities towards CarpetMVM

1. If the seller violates any of his legal obligations or the contractual obligations and regulations of CarpetMVM, CarpetMVM can block the seller's user account or delete his ads with or without prior notice. The seller's return to CarpetMVM will only be possible with the approval and re-authorization of CarpetMVM. The seller waives the right to protest and claim damages in this regard.

2. Any action taken by the seller that leads to damage to CarpetMVM; CarpetMVM can block the seller's user account at its discretion and take necessary legal measures against the seller.

3. If the seller violates or abuses CarpetMVM's policies and capabilities, CarpetMVM has the right to suspend and block the seller as the case may be. In case of blocking, the store may be disabled and the ads of the offending seller may be removed.

4. If more than one panel is created for a single store, CarpetMVM has the right to limit and block it as the case may be.

1) You accept that, in case of uploading an ad against CarpetMVM's policies, or any destructive or illegal performance in registering ads or otherwise, your action will lead to damage to the reputation of CarpetMVM, and as a result, we reserve the right to follow up in these cases.
2) You agree, if any information related to CarpetMVM (such as: mobile phone number or verification code sent from CarpetMVM or username and password), in any way and for any purpose, in the hands of natural or legal persons other than From the CarpetMVM site, you are responsible for this action and CarpetMVM is not responsible for these actions and their consequences.
3) You agree to use CarpetMVM only for commercial and economic purposes. Obviously, any activity other than this purpose, including and not limited to, political, social, etc. purposes is prohibited in CarpetMVM. CarpetMVM has the right to block your user account if you see an ad with prohibited purposes.
4) You accept that by publishing any ad on the CarpetMVM site, the service providers who cooperate with CarpetMVM in any way can comment on your ad.

5) All users, both sellers and buyers, by registering and creating a user account in the CarpetMVM system, acknowledge and confirm the authenticity and validity of all information and its attribution. In case of changes in your information, you are obliged to update this information within 3 working days. Otherwise, in case of proof against this matter or delay on your part, all the legal responsibilities of this issue will be towards you.

6) The owners of the panel do not have the right to assign the user account or the rights and obligations arising from the provision of the services that are the subject of this document, partially or completely or jointly, under any title, including peace, sale, partnership, and the like of definite and indefinite contracts. You are responsible for all actions that take place on your user account

7) Creating a user account in CarpetMVM and using the CarpetMVM system of stores by the owners of the user panel does not create any type of relationship between you and CarpetMVM will not create

8) By registering the advertisement for the sale of the product, the seller confirms that he is the owner of the goods and that he has the goods in stock and ready to be shipped.

9) Untruthful advertisements and presentation of false information that may deceive or mislead the opposite user are prohibited in CarpetMVM

10) The seller is obliged to accurately inform the buyer of the payment conditions, shipping conditions and possible return conditions before the final confirmation of the order.

1- The conditions of return and return of goods from any point of view, including time, quality and quantity, and other conditions are determined according to the agreement between the seller and the buyer, and the CarpetMVM website has no responsibility for any problems that arise for the parties to the transaction, and the parties have the right Do not refer to CarpetMVM or file a complaint against CarpetMVM for any reason.

- Guarantee of breach of obligations

1) CarpetMVM reserves the right to remove advertisements that are contrary to its terms and conditions whenever it deems necessary.
2) CarpetMVM reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block the offending user who does not comply with the conditions and rules contained in this document, in order to increase the security of users and at its own discretion, whenever it deems necessary.
3) Abusing the CarpetMVM site in any way, using any type of malicious program, spying and bot, crawling information, using services disruption, any malicious method to access the site information and its contents, including contact number, image and advertisement description. It is prohibited through any system and network. If such activities are observed, CarpetMVM reserves the right to take any legal action. Also, CarpetMVM can limit or block access to the site for the offending user at its discretion.

Dispute resolution

1) In case of any dispute between the user and CarpetMVM, it is necessary to comply with the following:

You are obliged to participate in face-to-face or online meetings at CarpetMVM's discretion and request; Or, in cases where there is no need to hold a meeting at the discretion of CarpetMVM, cooperate with the CarpetMVM support team as much as possible.
If no agreement is reached, with the consent of the user, CarpetMVM has the right to appoint an expert and independent expert to review the issue and resolve the dispute. If the dispute is not resolved for any reason, each of the parties will be free to refer to the judicial authority. Expert procedures and the extent of CarpetMVM's commitment to negotiation are subject to disputes between CarpetMVM and the user.

2) In case of any dispute between users (both buyers and sellers, etc.):

If there is a dispute between you and another user, first try to resolve it peacefully yourself, and if there is no agreement, you can refer to competent authorities. It should be noted that we are not responsible in this regard, but we try to cooperate with you as much as possible.

Intellectual Property

All CarpetMVM intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the website, domain name, user interface, images, graphics, designs and texts are entirely and exclusively owned by the CarpetMVM team. Any misuse of these items by third parties, copying, reverse engineering, data mining and commercial use without the written permission of CarpetMVM is not allowed and the right to file a lawsuit against the defaulters and claim damages according to the laws is reserved to the competent authorities.

If you have any questions, please contact the following contact information:

1- Email to: [email protected]

2- Telegram messenger to ID: @pcrmvm