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All-silk Aye Al-Kursi carpet panel , code 111.1001

Original price was: 1,530 €.Current price is: 1,515 €.
Persian Handmade Carpet Panel

Persian carpet panel is an authentic art form where weavers create exceptional and captivating works using various fibers and captivating colors. These carpet panels are a precise blend of hand weaving techniques and painting. From Iranian and Islamic designs to natural landscapes, each thread and knot tells a unique story.

Persian carpet panels are not only recognized as beautiful wall decorations but also hold their own cultural and artistic value as unique pieces of art. These carpet panels are woven in various sizes and serve a decorative purpose. Diverse designs ranging from Quranic verses and chapters to natural landscapes, characters, miniature paintings, and historical monuments are featured in Persian handmade carpet panels.

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Additional Points:

Persian carpet panels are often made with silk, wool, and cotton, giving them a rich texture and vibrant appearance.
The intricate designs and craftsmanship of Persian carpet panels make them highly sought-after collectibles.
These carpet panels can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home décor.
Owning a Persian carpet panel is an investment in both a piece of art and a piece of cultural heritage.

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